I endorse JoJo’s works. Communication is the lifeblood of any relationship and what JoJo does is to help one articulate the idea/thought that they want to get across.

Jojo is an energetic and creative individual who has figured out how to bless many, many people. She is able to catch their attention and teach them how important communication skills are. She is also a very generous promotions partner.

I have participated in several events hosted by JoJo and found her to be very professional, efficient and true to her word. I would highly recommend her curriculum, services, and her broadcast program.”


I have had the pleasure of working with JoJo…She is a delightful Christian woman with much wisdom to share. Working with her was my pleasure.

Art of Eloquence speech communication homeschool curricula was chosen “Homeschool Approved” and is endorsed by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and recommended by the Home School Legal Defense Association, HSLDA.



I am sold on this program and would highly recommend it. In fact, I would go so far as they say that every homeschooled child should have this book! I believe that the art of effective communication is so very important, yet it is something that is not taught often or enough. Every student should be equipped with the tools available in this book.” -Heidi Strawser, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, March 2007

“You have written an excellent manual on communication, great course of study!” –Erik and Marian Soderholm, MA, LD Specialists

“This is not simply a public speaking course, but it is structured to teach total communication. I wish I had known some of these skills when I was in school. Nothing is left out from how to speak to each audience (including interviewers, interviewees) to how to listen to others. What a complete and thorough resource that will help to prepare your junior/senior high school student for those college interviews as well as other life experiences!” Lynn Hogan, homeschooling mother of 2, freelance writer, homeschooling consultant and editor of the Homeschooler’s Notebook.

“I got my e-book – Say What You Mean When You’re In Business. I can’t put it down. It’s wonderful. I have only gotten through about half of it, but I have already learned so much and am already implementing many of the suggestions into my business practices. It’s great!!! My husband also has a separate small business and he’s been reading it too. I print out a couple of chapters…I read it…then pass it on to him and he reads it.

Thanks again JoJo.”

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