My Areas of Specialty
I am passionate about writing what I call “soft sales materials” for small to medium-sized businesses who don’t have the temperament, training, or time to craft informational posts that bring value to customers/clients.  These informational pieces will drive those customers back to purchase from your company, who they now see as a thought leader in your industry.

Here is a list of the services Unique Copywriter provides:

Articles are a great way to build your brand!  Articles teach your client or customer about your industry, advise them of why they need you, and position you as an authority and trusted leader in the marketplace.  Whether for a magazine, your own website, or another (on or offline) publication, you need someone who knows how to tell your story!


Blog Posts are THE best way to update your website for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)!  It’s also a fabulous way of giving your customers/clients valuable information they need about your industry while positioning your company as a thought leader. The more value you bring to your customers, the more they’ll be indebted to you and reciprocate by purchasing from or hiring you!  You need a copywriter who can bring those ideas to life!

e-Books and Information Products can be sold to customers or given away as free gifts (either for signing up for your newsletter or as a contest prize).  e-Books can be perceived as highly valuable information even if they are short and sweet – making them a key component of your marketing campaign.  As someone who has written many over the years, I can make your subject shine!


Social Media Posts/Memes are a great way to engage your audience!  Facebook changes went into effect on August 10th of 2018. They punish fan pages for overt sales posts, but they reward those posts that bring value, fun, and interest to subscribers!  I can help make your social media posts more engaging and effective.


White Papers and Special Reports help you provide vital information to educate your customers about issues in your industry.  Instead of an ad, you can provide more value to your potential customers by telling them how your industry is changing while positioning your company at the cutting edge.


Homeschool Materials are what got me started writing professionally.  I’ve written 18 speech communication manuals for Art of Eloquence.  As a homeschooler of 17 years (now retired), I’ve written my own curricula for many subjects!  My two children went on to elite universities; my oldest even gave a TED Talk earlier this year. If your homeschool or homeschool co-op has a need for customized materials, contact me!

Textbooks/Manuals are in high demand today because of the increasingly complex world in which we live.  Communicating subject matter clearly, effectively, and in a way that will engage the reader is critically important.  In addition to writing my own curricula, I have prepared and taught classes on various topics both online and offline.  If you have a subject for which you’d like to create a textbook, I would love to talk to you!


Case Studies are a great way to showcase your products without making an overt sales pitch.  If you have a satisfied customer who would agree to be the focus of a case study, I’ll write a compelling piece for you!  You get the benefit of a powerful marketing tool, without the ‘salesy’ feel.


Website Content can be challenging to maintain. As a busy entrepreneur, you have a lot on your plate.  Here’s one more item I can take off your To Do List.  I’ll write the copy you need or rewrite outdated copy.  I’ve had lots of practice over the years.


While prices will vary based on the amount of writing and research needed for each project, the General Pricing Guidelines can give you an idea of what you can expect to pay.

If it’s not listed here and you need it done, just ask! If I don’t do it, I can probably find someone for you.