General Pricing Guidelines

While every writing project is unique, most small to medium-sized businesses like to plan ahead and budget.  Here is a list of (general) pricing guidelines (each project will vary) that apply to the most popular Unique Copywriter services.

Your project’s unique Letter of Agreement will specify what is to be done in great detail as well as the total project fee.

Blog Articles:
$50 (approx 300-500 words) or weekly blog articles with at least a three-month contract: payable $200/month (which gives you one article free for the quarter).  With a 12 month contract, that gives you four blog articles free over the course of the year!

$300 (approx 500-1000 words).

$25 per page written in Microsoft Word and delivered in PDF format.

Social Media Maintenance:
$300/month with a minimum of a three-month contract for up to three social media platforms (usually Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).  Posting once a day M-F and answering questions and comments daily M-F. Posts will be engaging and entice followers to post comments and share.

$25 – $50 per meme mainly for social media purposes to engage the audience.

$50 for a 1-2 minute video.

Case Study:
$1250 (Approximately 2-4 pages).

White Papers:
$3000 (Approximately 5-10 pages).

Other services will be on a case by case basis as they tend to be so unique as to defy even general pricing.  Again, everything will be spelled out in detail in the Letter of Agreement so you know exactly what to expect!