The Old Schoolhouse Magazine was the first major magazine in which I was published.  I went on to write several articles for them as well as a few e-Books.

My Art of Eloquence speech communication materials were reviewed by several TOS Reviewers and given high praise.

In addition, TOS has given the Art of Eloquence materials the “Homeschool Approved” award.




Here is are some e-Book bundles I wrote/co-wrote for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine sold on their website:




This is a funny story.  So, I had written several articles for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and Home School Enrichment Magazine, when I began receiving notifications that my articles were reprinted on Crosswalk.com.

I was, of course, elated to find that my articles were so well received.

A few years later, I received an email from a fellow writer asking me how I managed to get my articles picked up on Crosswalk because she had been trying, unsuccessfully, for years.  That prompted me to look around on the Crosswalk site where I discovered that they don’t usually accept unsolicited articles.  Furthermore, they always ask for references in order even to be considered.

Felt pretty good, I must say!

Art of Eloquence Materials:

In the past fifteen years, I have written 18 speech communication books for audiences ranging in age from preschoolers on up through high school level and even for adults.  Here is a sampling.

















My articles have been published in the following magazines/websites:


Home School Enrichment             The Old Schoolhouse Magazine





Dr. Laura.com 


The following are two websites where I was a contributing blog author:











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