Hire Unique Copywriter

No Hidden Fees!  No Hidden Agenda!  Here’s How it Works: 

1. Review my expertise, Services, Testimonials, Portfolio, and FAQs.

2. Contact me and tell me your needs, challenges, ideas, & ask me for a quote on your project.

3. Review and approve (sign) my formal Letter of Agreement detailing the project, what I will do for you when it will be delivered, and listing my professional fee and terms (so you know exactly what to expect).

Unique Copywriter:
1. I review your website and social media to get a feel and flavor of your company, your product/service and what that means for the project I’m writing on your behalf.

2. I review any articles and information that you supply about your company and your product or service to become familiar with the nuances of your company as it relates to your project.

3. I research and review your industry and any news relevant to the project so I may be sure to include any relevant issues that might reflect on the project.

4. I review and study your competitors’ websites and any other information about your competitors that you confirm is relevant to the project.

5. I write a first draft of your copywriting project and submit it to you for your approval (or revisions which I send to you for final approval).

6. I write and rewrite as needed until you are happy with the project (which I usually achieve with only two revisions at the most in order to get to my client’s happy dance).

7. Upon your approval of the final draft, I send you my final invoice.
* First-time clients are invoiced for 50% up front and 50% due in 30 days of the final draft.  All returning clients will be billed after the final draft is sent, with 100% of the payment due within 30 days.

Note: Each business is unique as is each project so I may ask you a LOT of questions up front before we finalize the Letter of Agreement to make sure that you and I both understand what is to be done.

Special Note: Social Media management is a service I provide that works on a monthly basis.  The Letter of Agreement will specify the term of three months, six months or twelve months depending upon your needs and payment is due each month.